My Favorite Organic Products

So I am new to this whole blogging thing but I have a few friends who do it so I figured I can figure this thing out.

I wanted to start out by talking about a few of my favorite healthy organic products.

First of all, everyone should know by now that buying certain things organic is a definite win-win situation. For example, you have to buy fruits and veggies organic because farmers spray those things directly with toxic chemicals called fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. This is a no-brainer, make sure you are buying these products organic.

However, there are tons and tons of products you can get nowadays that are organic, and sometimes I have to stop and ask myself, is it really necessary that I buy all of this stuff organic?

The answer to that question is… MAYBE :)

Here’s some of the things that I would recommend always going organic with.

1. Beef: Why? Because there is a definite connection between some of the hormones given to cattle and cancer in humans, particularly breast cancer.

2. Strawberries: Why? Because they have found up to 13 pesticides on this fruit. Strawberries surface area and the small bumps on the fruit are a perfect harbor for pesticides, it makes them hard to wash off.

3. Down Bedding: Why? Because it’s made of goose down and you don’t want those little fellas being sprayed with whatever de-lousing agents farmers are using nowadays! Poor Geese!

4. Cookware: Why? This is a weird one, but it just so happens that cookware is full of fluorocheicals, specifically one called PTFE that will become toxic fumes when overheated. Just say no to horrible non stick cookware chemicals in your food and in your homes air!

5. Popcorn: Why? Because the linings of the popcorn for microwave bags can have horrible chemicals in them, such as perfluorooctanoic acid, which is something companies use to keep food from guming up on surfaces. There are considerable possible hazards to this chemical and it should be avoided.

So all in all these are some great things to buy organic. You want to try to avoid the chemicals that are in these products or that are sprayed on these products while they are growing.

I hope you’ve learned something. I know that’s one of the reasons I started this blog is so that I can learn while writing!